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Hearing Assistance

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A-4246 Pro Loop C Loop Amplifier A-4246 Pro Loop C Loop Amplifier
Item Code: A-4246

The A-4246 PROLOOP C amplifier is designed for professional use in medium-sized rooms (up to...

A-4252 Pro Loop Amplifier A-4252 Pro Loop Amplifier
Item Code: A-4252

HUMANTECHNIK A-4252 Hearing Impaired PRO LOOP LOS Amplifier is a compact system designed to...

A-4264 Pro Loop Amplifier A-4264 Pro Loop Amplifier
Item Code: A-4264

A-4264 Pro Loop Amplifier PROLOOP DCC plus is designed for rooms of up to 600 m² with loop...

BOSCH PLN-1LA10 Hearing Assistance BOSCH PLN-1LA10 Hearing Assistance
Item Code: PLN-1LA10

PLN-1LA10 High power, current driven loop amplifier with two microphone/line inputs, one...

Mobile Hearing Loop Mobile Hearing Loop
Item Code: A-4271-0

The induction loop system kit contains a complete, portable induction loop system designed for...

PLN-ILR loop receiver PLN-ILR loop receiver
Item Code: PLN-ILR

PLN-1LA10 can be used to monitor the field strength and quality of the inductive loop system...

Portable LA90 Counter loop System Portable LA90 Counter loop System
Item Code: LA90

PLA 90 Counter Loop accommodates individuals with hearing difficulties at a bank teller...

PROLOOP FSM Measuring Device PROLOOP FSM Measuring Device
Item Code: Proloop FSM

PROLOOP FSM is a measuring device for the precise measurement of the magnetic field strengths...

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