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Wed, 24 Mar 2021

Handy Tips: Setting up Portable PA Systems

With all the Mipro portable PA systems, we recommend utilizing the optional MS70 tripod adjustable speaker stand this also allows you to align the speaker in the most effective direction. The Mipro dust cover is also a great accessory to keep the unit in good condition and the side pockets provide added storage for wireless microphones.

Q:  What is a portable PA system?

A:  A portable PA system is an all-in-one self-contained unit for amplifying your voice and music. It usually has three basic components: a microphone i.e., cord or wireless, inbuilt amplifier, speaker and can includes some or all the following:

USB/CD player

Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming

A 'Wireless' PA system includes a wireless receiver(s) & wireless microphone(s) and is an ideal solution for any presentations and performances where mobility is a factor.

A 'Wireless" PA system can also include a wireless interlinking system to greatly extend the transmitting range up to 1 kilometre (0.6 mile) to expand coverage area all wirelessly without heavy tangling cables. Transmitting from master speaker(s) to slave speaker(s) all done wirelessly.

Can plug into a wall outlet - AC powered.

Can operates from internal rechargeable battery - DC powered

Q:  The advantages of MIPRO wireless portable PA system?

A1:  Almost no set-up and no tear-down time required due to integrated, self-contained design
A2:  Battery-powered, reduce reliance on outside power supplies and environmental
A3:  Mobility - Wireless microphone. No tangling cables or wires and freedom to move around
A4:  Convenience - Power on & start speaking! Ideal for any non-technical person, indoors or outdoors
A5:  Convenience - Great idea for when a large, full-scale microphone setup is impractical due to space and/or time constraints.
A6:  Portability - Built-in retractable handle and wheels or padded shoulder strap for easy transportation between shows and gigs.
A7:  Portability - No tangling cables to disconnect. Can be quickly and easily retrieved and packed up without having to run down and roll up cables.
A8:  Portability - Super lightweight & compact size will fit on your shoulder or in the trunk of a car or mini-van
A9:  Modular - allow "add-on" 2nd or 3rd wireless system, CD/USB/Bluetooth player to a base PA unit.
A10: MIPRO is an original designer and manufacturer with 40 years experiences and know-how in producing wireless microphone & wireless portable PA systems.
A11: MIPRO is the #1 brand worldwide for wireless portable wireless PA systems. Most advancedsystems. Sold in 80 countries, it is a brand trusted by both audio professionals and consumers.
A12:  100% made in Taiwan ensures high quality, innovation at value prices.
A13:  Winner of Germany's Red Dot Design award and Taiwan Excellence award

Q:  Why should I choose an MIPRO wireless PA system?

A1:  Easy to use; functional and reliable.
A2:  Super lightweight, compact size & ruggedly built.

A3:  Long-life built-in lithium or gel cell rechargeable battery and AC-powered

A4:  Easiest & fastest wireless channel set-up via Scan & ACT (sync)

A5:  Best wireless microphone performance in the industry!

A6:  Loud & clear sound quality

A7:  Modular add-on design (wireless receiver, CD/USB/Bluetooth player) for flexibility
A8:  Bigger systems have the built-in retractable handle & sturdy wheels for easy transport.

A9:  Ready to use out of the box – no need to run levels or to have a sound engineer handy.

A10: Complete range & accessories, covering small to large venues and from 50 up to 5,000 crowds. Even wireless interlinking systems for up to 1-kilometer range.

MIPRO is an original designer and manufacturer with 40 years of experiences. New technology company and wireless microphone specialists.
A12: Each system is all-in-one outdoor or indoor wireless solution for presenters or performers!

A13: User-friendly design for non-technical, novice users.

A14: Industry's 1st Introduced by MIPRO:  
UHF fixed & switchable & wideband frequencies, 2.4 GHz frequency, wireless interlinking speaker system for extended transmission range, lithium rechargeable battery, Scan & Sync channel set-up, retractable handle & wheels for easy transport, plug & play wireless receiver and CD/USB/Bluetooth media player, wireless musical instruments mics, built-in wireless microphones storage, Bluetooth connectivity, interference warning indicator & adjustor.
A15: MIPRO is the #1 brand worldwide for wireless portable wireless PA systems. Sold in 80 countries, it is a brand trusted by both audio professionals and consumers.

Q: How to prevent and minimize the annoying feedback?

A1: Do not stand directly in front of the speakers; keep wireless mics away from speakers.
A2: Avoid pointing the wireless microphone towards the speakers.
A3: The wireless microphones should be behind the speakers wherever possible.
A4: Place the portable PA between the crowd and the presenters and facing the crowd.
A5: Turn down the sound level coming out of the portable PA/speakers helps if required.
A6: Place the speakers on a tripod stand and above the head of the crowd to maximize coverage and minimize feedback.


Q: What is the recommended height to position the portable sound systems?

A: It is important to raise portable speaker off the floor to a higher position for improved wireless microphone reception and maximize coverage experience. Try to place them at your audience’s ear level or raised above their heads using a speaker or microphone stand. If speaker stands are not possible, any table or flat surface is OK. We recommend it is installed at least 1.8-meter (6-feet) above the floor.


Q:  Can I connect my iPod/iPhone/iPad, mobile phone, notebook/tablet/MP3 player/desktop to MIPRO wireless PA system to amplify music or audio?

A:  Yes. You can connect any of the above device to all MIPRO wireless PA system via its line-input connector with an audio cable readily available in any electronic shop.






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