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DNH Maintenance Free Ex loudspeaker, a game changer

Fri, 4 Feb 2022

Niche Products from DNH

DNH has a renowned range of flameproof loudspeakers, certified according to Cenelec ATEX IECEx standards. In addition to the flameproof Ex loudspeakers, DNH has developed a number of special loudspeakers for different purposes or conditions. For example, the HS-15ST aluminium horn and the H62ST loudspeaker are specially designed to withstand external sound shocks of up to 175 dB, making this model extremely popular for Military, Maritime, Mining, Off Shore operations and the like.

DNH also has vandal-proof loudspeakers, plus a variety of loudspeakers constructed to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as an underwater speaker.

Maintenance Free Ex loudspeaker, a game changer in industry

If you consider that NORSOK standard on Ex loudspeaker equipment requires an inspection every year, plus additional requirements, every second year, the game changer from DNH is their Maintenance Free (MF) loudspeaker range. These do not require an inspection regime; the cost savings alone make them a great candidate for a new or replacement option.

The MF loudspeaker is supplied with encapsulated cable (Radox or BFOU). These loudspeakers are filled with certified glue in the transformer and terminal chamber. They cannot be opened, hence negating requirement and associated expenditure of an engineer to undertake the normal inspection requirements.

For further information on the MF or any DNH loudspeaker products, contact the Australian distributor, Morrisons Public Address. Also feel free to browse this website DNH