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Welcome to Morrison's Public Address web page for Marriage Celebrants Portable PA System. Whilst our business is based in Perth we supply Mipro and Chiayo portable audio products Australia wide.  We have a great range and competitive prices on all of our portable PA audio products such as Mipro, Chiayo which are our largest sellers. If you have trouble finding or working out the portable PA system that suit all your needs just email your requirements or call for further assistance¦ it's all free and absolutely no pressure.

High Performance Portable PA Systems for Marriage Celebrants

Weddings are by far the most special occasion in a couple's life and needless to say, all arrangements on this day must be perfect to the tee and that includes your portable wireless pa audio systems! Imagine putting in hours, even days, of hard work into preparing your special marriage vows or a toast speech and not being audible by the guests sitting at the farthest end of the wedding venue!  Similarly squealing microphones and blaring loudspeakers could be a cause of embarrassment, not to forget, big disturbances too. The truth is selecting good marriage celebrant PA systems is as important as deciding the wedding venue itself!

At Morrison's AV, we understand and value your requirement for the best audio pa systems in the industry for an exceptional occasion such as a wedding and that is exactly what we offer! We provide top-class PA equipment for marriage celebrants that add value to your hard work.

Mipro MA707 crystal clear excellence in sound PA system solution >>>more

This is our biggest selling portable audio system ever, the Mipro MA707 system delivers outstanding crystal clear audio for music and speech, weighing in at only 14kg. This sleek looking, lightweight, totally cordless system delivers 100 watts of clean portable audio. The Mipro MA707 PA system has two power modes options, 240 volt (wall-socket) power and built in.

Your dealer for the Mipro PA systems is Morrison's PA, based in Perth WA Morrison's have been supplying the Mipro systems all around Australia for a great many years. For the use in School classrooms sports carnivals and small to large undercover meeting areas, Shopping center presentations and promotions, places of worships.

The microphone options are fantastic as you can have up to 2 Mipro ACT30H hand held wireless microphones as well as 2 hand held cord microphones all working at the same time. For totally hands free you can have the Mipro ACT30T wireless belt pack with MU55HNS headset microphone. You can also purchase one in-built CD/MP3 player with thumb-drive.

The flexibility of all the Mipro PA systems allows you to start with just the MA707 basic PA with a hand held cord microphone and order any combination at a later date.

Mipro MA505 Bluetooth PA system the ideal public address solution for medium crowds >>>more

The new MA-505 pa ssytem delivers unparalleled audio performance and craftsmanship in todays world. The MA505 pa is a rugged one-piece pa speaker cabinet houses a high efficient class-D amplifier that drives high sensitivity two-way loudspeakers and limiter circuitry reduces distortion and increases intelligibility this will give you that guaranteed power and clear sound you need at your next show.

The optional wireless recivers modules, digital audio player, CD player and interlinking transmitter/receiver can all be package to your needs.

Mipro PA systems MA705 crystal clear audio great solution >>>more

This system is perfect for use in school classroom's small to medium size meeting areas, shop demonstrations and for the most popular users is marriage celebrants. The microphone options are fantastic as you can have 2 Mipro ACT30H hand held wireless and for totally hands free you can have the Mipro ACT30T wireless belt pack with MU55HNS headset microphone. The other great benefit is the flexibility, each of the Mipro systems allows you to start with just the basic portable system with one hand held cord microphone and order the wireless microphone and CD player speaker stands extension speaker at a later date.

70 watt portable PA sound system weighing only 10kg and delivers outstanding crystal clear audio for music and speech. This lightweight, portable wireless sound system has two power modes options, 240 volt (wall-socket) power and built in rechargeable battery.

Best fit Portable PA Systems best suited to client requirements

The audio experts at Morrison's AV help you find out about the capability, features and specifications of a system and their consequent effect on its performance so that you can make an informed decision.
The performance of an audio system banks heavily on the features it is equipped with and output power; the lesser the features and output power, the more unexciting and unintelligible is the audio output. Weddings are generally spread across a large venue area located indoors or outdoors and are vulnerable to noise and traffic clamour.  Marriage gatherings can also comprise big groups of people who love to indulge in chit-chat. Therefore, if you are planning an indoor-outdoor wedding or celebration, we suggest that you go for the latest portable PA systems that will help you to reach out to your target audience and guests in a more effective manner.
Some of the most popular makes of quality audio systems for marriage celebrants offered by Morrison's AV include:
Mipro MA 705, MIPRO MA505,  Mipro MA 707, Mipro MA 708,

Indoor or outdoor, wherever the ceremony is being organized, we help you select the best PA Systems for marriage celebrants!

Choosing the best public address systems for marriage celebrants

Choosing a high performance audio system for marriage may not be an easy task. However, it is not rocket science either, if you let us guide you. When it comes down to planning and research, the team at Morrison's AV is always at your disposal.  Any questions you have on your mind, our experts will be glad to furnish the exacting solutions for you. We also help you apportion a realistic budget that can get you the best audio system befitting your requirements. Whether you are looking for a smaller PA system for marriages held indoors or larger ones to address bigger outdoor audiences, Morrison's AV has the makes and models of portable and wireless audio equipment and wireless public address system for marriage celebrants to suit your specific requirement and budget.

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We would be glad to help you with the best product combinations, recommendations and pricing to meet your requirements for top quality portable PA systems.

Handy Tips: Setting up Portable PA Systems for Marriage Celebrants A few vital tips on setting up portable public address systems for marriage celebrants to receive the best audio output are listed below:
  • If your audio output quality is being spoilt by wind noise, using a wind-sock and turning the Bass down will help to cut out the noise.
  • Work on your microphone technique. Test the microphone levels before your guests arrive.  Stand at the farthest end of the premises and listen carefully to get a feel of what is being said during the sound check.
  • Make sure that you have a stand for the PA speaker. It is extremely important to elevate and place the speaker at an appropriate position to maximize its coverage and minimise feedback.
  • Always have spare batteries for the microphone
  • Charge your portable system the day before your function.
  • Test the internal batteries every now and then by fully charging the system and then run a music program, taking note of the time you started and finished. New systems should last approximately 8 hours on a full charge. However, this might differ depending upon the program you are running.
  • You can bank upon your head-mic for speech continuity. No matter where you turn your head, the mic will follow, keeping the volume constant. However, it will not be easy to pass the head-mic around. 
  • Avoid placing the microphone directly in front of the portable loudspeaker.
  • Do not blow directly into a wireless mic.
  • Avoid putting the PA speaker too far from the person speaking.
  • You need to recharge the PA system after each use and never, ever, leave the batteries discharged for any extended period of time.
Three wireless mic options you can choose from:

Hand-held Mipro ACT30H Wireless Mic: The hand-held wireless microphone is basically the industry standard all-rounder. It sounds great when used properly and is quite convenient to pass around from one person to another.  However, it's not a great idea to position the microphone under the chin or away from the mouth this will diminish the clarity of the audio output.

MU55HNS Head-Mic with Wireless ACT30T Body-pack: You can bank upon your headset microphone for speech continuity. No matter where you turn your head, the mic will follow, keeping the volume constant. However, the only downside to this is it will not be easy to pass the headset microphone around in a gathering.

Lapel mic and Wireless ACT30T Body-pack: It is not advisable to use a lapel mic if you're after good intelligibility and amplification. The lapel can cause fluctuations in audio output loud sound when you look down, soft when you look up and sound drop-offs if you look away! However, lapel mics are best if you are after sound reinforcement. They are not for sound amplification and can be responsible for lots of feedback problems. 

Top tips

Each marriage venue will be different. Nevertheless, the basics will always remain the same.  Get there early, work out where everyone will be standing and place the portable speaker as close as possible to the listeners. Avoid placing the speaker too far from the celebrant the sound should always appear to come from the point of origin, or in other words, from the person speaking.

Here's hoping that you will find these tips pertaining handy.