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The Mipro MA-808 is the latest wireless amplifier model from MIPRO, an industry leader in portable wireless PA systems. This rugged, bi-amplified unit was designed with versatility in mind. It has clear and powerful sound, thanks to a Class AB amplifier for the HF driver and Class D amplifier for the large10-inch woofer and a 1.5-inch titanium compression driver.

The Mipro MA-808 is equipped with up to 2 wireless diversity receiver modules, 1 wired microphone and a 3-in-1 CD and FLASH player & recorder. This AC and battery-powered system has large capacity rechargeable batteries and a universal AC switching power supply, ensuring uninterrupted quality audio any place, anywhere and anytime.

The MA-808 can be used either indoors or outdoors at any demanding venue, making it a truly portable system. The MIPRO MA-808 is perfect for schools, institutions, rallies, sporting events, trade shows, weddings, places of worship, business presentations - practically any event imaginable. 
Key Features:

High efficiency Class D/AB amplifiers drive 2-way speaker for clear and powerful sound.
Bi-amplified system has separated high and low frequency amplifiers for enhanced performance.
High-impact enclosure design with unique luggage-pull design features a functional retractable handle and sturdy wheels for effortless transport concerns.
Hand-carry, table-top or integrated tripod stand mounting capability.
Built-in storage compartments for 2 transmitters.
Simultaneous audio is possible from both wired & wireless microphones as well as the skip-free CD player with pitch control function.
Up to 2 wireless receiver modules with effortless channel set-up via MIPRO's industry-leading Auto-scan and ACT functions can be installed. Their diversity reception ensures long & reliable transmission free from signal dropouts and interference.
8~10 hours continuous use per charge.
A Voice priority feature that mutes the music when microphone is used.
A 4-segment rechargeable battery "fuel gauge" for accurate reading.
Universal AC switching power supply ensures constant and reliable voltage worldwide. The rechargeable battery can be re-charged and used simultaneously.
High-efficiency output is suitable for crowds of 2,000.