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Mipro MA101ACT Classroom PA
Remote-controlled Wireless PA System

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New from Mipro is the MA101ACT classroom PA which has been designed to take away the vocal strain associated with long hours of teaching or lecturing. A classroom full of enthusiastic pupils can place an inordinate amount of stress on a teachers voice leading to possible long-term damage. This exciting and innovative PA system from Mipro solves the problem and can be installed quickly and easily.

The MA101ACT is designed to allow each teacher to carry their own personal wireless microphone from classroom to classroom. Once the wireless amplified monitor speakers have been installed in each classroom, the teacher can then activate each individual system via their own microphone (using Mipro’s Automatic Channel Targeting Feature where the frequency of the receiver is transmitted to the mic via IR). It allows the teacher to remotely turn the system on and off as well as to adjust the volume…all from the mic. An external audio source such as a CD or MP3 player can also be connected to the remote microphone and be heard through the monitor speaker system.

The mic can be worn around the neck or held, or worn around the neck and with an optional lapel or headworn mic plugged in. A drop-in charger makes battery charging easy.

The system components include:

MA101ACT – 30w wall mounted PA system
MT101ACT – Neckworn or handheld wireless microphone with line input
MP101ACT – Desk top charger for MT101ACT

Key Features

100 built-in UHF frequencies allow different channels to be set up in every classroom for interference-free operation.
Each wireless amplified speaker delivers 30 watts RMS and has a detachable switching power supply.
Automatic Channel Targeting system for IR transmission of the receiver frequency to the mic.
Easy speaker mounting to wall or ceiling.
4-16 ohm extension speaker output
Built-in antenna for both transmitter and receiver.
Transmitter powered via built-in rechargeable batteries, saving considerable expense. 24 hours usage per charge.
Mic/Line input on mic for external audio connection (3.5mm) which could be a CD, MP3 or a headworn or lapel mic (with 3.5mm jack).
Ideal for multiple classrooms, lecture halls and similar environments.