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DNH manufactures one of the world's largest ranges of loudspeakers for industrial and commercial applications. Since the company was formed in 1946, DNH has been renowned as a supplier of high quality products for varied applications and projects world-wide. The range has been developed into a complete product port-folio that will satisfy the most demanding of locations and customers.

In addition to the strong niche products such as flameproof, weatherproof, vandal-proof and shockproof speakers, DNH have been renowned for its ability to tailor products according to the customers demands. Due to the fact that DNH manufactures almost all the components of the speaker "non-standard" requirements such as special colour, special transformers, different cable entries can be supplied.

DNH proudly presents the exciting range of high quality plastic horn loudspeakers. The HP series can be installed in any harsh environment, both indoor and outdoor for public address and intercom use. Their frequency range and high sensitivity, combined with high corrosion resistance make the HP-Horns stand out in terms of quality and performance.

The DNH aluminium horn series represents an extremely robust range of heavy duty horn speakers. These speakers are renowned for both high reliability and superb efficiency, that makes them suitable for all industrial environments and public areas.

The unique DNH Ex-range satisfies your requirements for flameproof loudspeakers. DNH offers a wide variety of heavy duty Ex-speakers, specially designed for use in military and civil installations where gases and other explosives make special precautions necessary. DNH loudspeakers are tested according to Cenelec standards and approved by the following laboratories:

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ex.gif Learn the Basics of Explosion Protection:
As one of the worlds leading manufacturers of loudspeakers for hazardous areas, DNH posess a vast knowledge of explosion-proof technology and gas protection. Attached is a short review of basic explosion proof protection, and for further questions, do not hesitate to contact Morrison's Public Address or DNH. DNH Information