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CS660BS TOA Music horn speaker

CS660BS 60 watt high-efficiency weather-resistant music horn speaker
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Advanced Details

This TOA music horn speaker is composed of a high-efficiency weather-resistant horn and a high quality sound cone speaker, providing outstanding speech and great back ground music clarity. The TOA CS660BS music horn features ABS resin enclosure and stainless steel bracket for all-weather durability. The speaker is certified to the European Standard EN 54-24: 2008 and International Standard ISO 7240-24: 2010, and is compliant with the British Standard BS 5839-8: 2008.

This 2-way system with its highly intelligible sound is suited for voice alarm, public address and back ground music (BGM).

  • Certified to EN 54-24, ISO 7240-24 and compliant with BS 5839-8.
  • All weather durability, water and dust protection to IP 66.
  • Impedance change available by tapping changing located inside the terminal cover.

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