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FOCUS-505 Chiayo Portable PA System

Chiayo Focus 505, 50 watt portable PA system sounds great, Basic system include Bluetooth/SD/USB player, recorder and hand held dynamic plug in mic supplied.
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» Focus-505 Manual

Advanced Details


The Focus-505 portable 50 watt PA system from Chiayo looks and sounds great and all in such a small and extremely portable PA package. The total weight is below 5.5 kilograms this is a truly portable PA that delivers a punchy, clear sound! Perfect for classrooms, boardrooms and in fact any application that demands high quality sound that can be taken anywhere, thanks to the built in rechargeable battery supply.

Every Focus 505 unit comes shipped standard with a dust cover with pockets for accessories and transmitters and a clear see through rear panel so you can still use the Focus with the cover on.

At any stage of the ordering process you can add up to 2 (two) wireless microphones to this system.

You have three options on wireless microphones to choose from.

  • Wireless Hand Held microphone
  • Wireless belt-pack with headset microphone (Madonna kind)
  • Wireless belt-pack with lapel microphone
  • The Focus-505 lets you to have up to 2 wireless mics in total

Accessory's that will complement and enhance the Focus-500 audio quality and reliability

  • ST40 Speaker stand for elevation
  • Speaker protective cover (included with each 505)
  • Microphone Stand
  • 50 watt portable PA system in an extremely lightweight and versatile package
  • The Focus-505 Include Bluetooth/SD/USB player and recorder
  • Option: Speaker stand adapter (suitable to use with the ST40 speaker stand)
  • Option: Hand-held cord microphone with cable
  • MIC IN/AUX IN with dedicated volume control
  • Separate tone controls (Bass + Treble)
  • AUX Audio Output Jack (send audio to a recorder)
  • EXTENSION Speaker Out Jack (for second speaker if purchased)
  • AC Power: 100 - 240V AC switch mode power supply
  • Built-in rechargeable batter

If you need more information

If you prefer we are always happy to work with you to get the best product combination and price that better suits your needs and budget. Feel free to call Allan on 0407442822 or simply send your email with you specific requirement and needs, we will get back to you with recommendations and proposals.

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