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ATU44MK2 AUDAC universal input adapter

The ATU44MK2 AUDAC universal input adapter allows input signal selection between line or loudspeaker level input.
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Advanced Details

The ATU44MK2 is a universal input adapter unit for conversion between various audio level signals, offering a wide variety of connection and extension possibilities to audio systems.

The speaker level input features various taps for 100V, 70V, 50V and 33V audio levels, while a balanced line input allows conversion between balanced and/or unbalanced line level audio signals. A typical application example is the conversion of any loudspeaker level audio signal to balanced or unbalanced line level signals.

Any type of loudspeaker level signal can get applied to its input. This can be useful for expansion of any constant voltage distributed audio system and feeding the transformed output to an additional amplifier.

Another typical application is connection of recording equipment on loudspeaker lines. Using the galvanic isolation between all the in & outputs, it can be used as an audio isolation solution, solving hum and buzz problems caused by ground loops.

The front panel switch allows input signal selection between line or loudspeaker level input, while all inputs are connected using terminal block connectors. The line output is connected using a male XLR connector. A variety of optionally available mounting brackets for the AUDAC S-Box product range are allowing desk, closet or 19” equipment rack installation.


  • Adapting audio transformer unit
  • 100V, 70V, 50V & 33V constant voltage inputs
  • Line level audio input
  • Line level audio output
  • Galvanic isolated in & outputs
  • Terminal block input connections
  • XLR output connection
  • Mounting brackets optionally available

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