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MA808 265 watt Portable PA system

MA808 portable with Bluetooth, The Mipro MA808-PAB provides a host of impressive functionality and features and delivers unparalleled audio for all. Flexible on price, not on service or quality
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Advanced Details

MA808 250 watt Mipro Battery-operated PA System. 

This can be bought as a simple cost effective public address system basic system comes with 1 hand held cord microphone as the basic starting point.

At any stage of the ordering process you can add up to 4 (four) wireless microphones to this system. You also have the option to choice 1 (one) CD/USB player. NOTE' you can add the wireless microphones and CD/USB to the system at a later date.

You have three wireless microphones options to choose from.

  • Wireless Hand Held
  • Wireless belt-pack with headset microphone (Madonna kind)
  • Wireless belt-pack  with lapel microphone
  • The MA808 lets you to have up to 4 wireless mics
This rugged one-piece portable PA system is powered by a two way loudspeaker, the MA808 has retractable handle robust wheels and built-in rechargeable batteries, this system is extensively used in Australian Primary and High Schools, Church Groups, and Wedding Celebrants it's just an incredible great all-rounder and should be used wherever good portable sound is required.

Accessory's that will complement and enhance the Mipro audio quality and reliability

  • Loudspeaker stand for elevation
  • Loudspeaker protective cover
  • Loudspeaker extension
  • Microphone Stand
NEW Option MP80 MIPRO Desktop Charging Station: For ACT32HC and ACT32TC. Features two charging slots, each of which can accept the ACT32HC hand held, ACT32TC belt-pack or MB-5 battery. Charge any two transmitters or batteries simultaneously. Also includes storage slots for two spare batteries.
If you're a little confused with the options to choose from, don't be a simple phone call or email will fix that. We would love to help you selecte the correct system and teaching you how to use the system, this  is all part of our service.

Please click on the 'INQUIRE' link and let me know what your needs are and in what way you want to use the system i.e. number of people you need to cover for sound, are you inside or outside, would you prefer cord or wireless microphones and if you prefer to have a hands free microphone.

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