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MA303SB 60 watt Portable PA System

MA303SB Compact 60 watt portable PA system option to add one wireless microphone, speaker stands and cover. To be used with ACT32H-5 or ACT32T-5 microphone
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MA303, 60 watt Portable Wireless PA   

As with all the Mipro portable products the MA303 is tough all in one powerful and loaded with features. The MA303 has a built-in handle and can be mounted on a stand. This system is compatible with all MIPRO handheld and bodypack transmitters.

The Mipro MA303 is available in four configurations'

  • MA303SB-5 60 watt with Bluetooth, single UHF receiver and integrated USB music player/recorder
  • MA303DB-5 60 watt with Bluetooth, dual UHF wireless mic receivers and integrated USB music player/recorder

You have three wireless microphones options to choose from.

  • ACT32H-5 Wireless Hand Held
  • ACT32T-5/MU55HNS wireless belt-pack with headset microphone (Madonna kind)
  • ACT32T-5 wireless belt-pack with lapel microphone
  • SC30 carry bag with pouches for transmitters

Ideal for indoor or outdoor gatherings, classrooms, meetings, seminars or presentations, guide tours, day-care activities and playground duty


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