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Dynacord COBRA-2 SYSTEM is designed to provide high-quality sound reinforcement as a Ground...

MILAN M18BTurbsound MILAN M18BTurbsound
Item Code: M18B

M18B 2200 Watt 18" Powered Subwoofer with KLARK TEKNIK Technology for Portable PA and...

Ev Two-Way Powered Loudspeaker Ev Two-Way Powered Loudspeaker
Item Code: ELX112P

Clear, powerful, and musical, the Live X series was born to command the stage for professional...

Two Way powered loudspeakers Two Way powered loudspeakers
Item Code: SXA100

SxA100+ sets a new standard for powered speakers. Its design provides the user multiple inputs...

Ev Two-Way Powered Loudspeaker Ev Two-Way Powered Loudspeaker
Item Code: EV ZLX112P

Clear, powerful, for musical and Public Address

Two Way Powered Loudspeaker Two Way Powered Loudspeaker
Item Code: ZXA1

Electro-Voice engineers have raised the bar for portable sound once again, adding to the...

Dynacord Loudspeaker Dynacord Loudspeaker
Item Code: TS400

The TS 400 is equipped with 4 x 6,5 DND 6130-16 Neodymium woofers and one Electro-Voice DH3...

8-Inch Two-Way Full-Range Loudspeaker 8-Inch Two-Way Full-Range Loudspeaker
Item Code: ZX1i-90

Black or White Indoor outdoor ZX1i 8-inch two-way full-range 1.25-inch HF loudspeaker. Ideal...

Ev Two-Way Loudspeaker Ev Two-Way Loudspeaker
Item Code: ZX3

The Electro-Voice ZX3 offers an unprecedented level of lightweight 12-inch two-way loudspeaker...

Ev Two-Way Powered Loudspeaker Ev Two-Way Powered Loudspeaker
Item Code: SXA250

Compact 15-inch two-way powered system. Usable as a front-of-house system or as a floor...

Ev Two-Way Loudspeaker Ev Two-Way Loudspeaker
Item Code: SX300E

High-power loudspeaker system

Ev Two-Way Loudspeaker Ev Two-Way Loudspeaker
Item Code: SX100+E

Compact 12-inch two-way system with 200 watts continuous, 800 watts peak power handling 65 x...

Iconyx Steerable Array Module Iconyx Steerable Array Module
Item Code: IC8A

The tall, slim Iconyx enclosure is designed to be heard but not seen. Modular Iconyx arrays...

Item Code: Qflex

full range beam steering capabilities, delivering unrivalled broadband performance for both...

Apart 2-Way Powered Louspeaker Apart 2-Way Powered Louspeaker
Item Code: SDQ5P

APart Active 2-way loudspeaker for all audio applications magnetically shielded black or white

Bose 802 Series III Loudspeaker Bose 802 Series III Loudspeaker
Item Code: 802 III

Bose-Pro loudspeakers for the professional, engineered for better performance, versatility and...

Bose Panaray 402A Loudspeaker Bose Panaray 402A Loudspeaker
Item Code: 402 II

Superior performance without the bulk of conventional professional loudspeakers. Four...

BOSE 502 Panaray loudspeaker BOSE 502 Panaray loudspeaker
Item Code: 502

502 loudspeaker a favorite among architects and is well-suited for venues where aesthetics...

Bose Panaray 302 Loudspeakers Bose Panaray 302 Loudspeakers
Item Code: 302

The Panaray 302 A is an elegant, versatile loudspeaker. It uses a 180 horizontal pattern to...

Electro-Voice Pro Sound Catalog Electro-Voice Pro Sound Catalog
Item Code: Pro Sound Catalog

Everything you need for high-quality sound reinforcement

Item Code: Di 5 Di 5T

Di5 ultra compact surface mount weather resistant loudspeaker

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