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Ex Certified hazardous areas Loudspeakers

Sun, 24 Feb 2019

40 years...wealth of knowledge and experience in this field, both in commercial and professional ‘Industry’ enterprises, (e.g. Oil & Gas)

For one of the very best Ex IEC certified loudspeaker on the world market then it would be hard to go by the DNH range of explosive atmosphere loudspeakers, the DNH speaker range are 100 volt line with taps on the primary winding for different output power settings or impedance. The DNH loudspeakers are for Zone 2 Explosion proof suitable or hazardous areas where explosion are a constant concern.

Each of the DNH horn loudspeakers are supplied with a robust stainless steel or plastic bracket with ratchet fixtures that will allow the sound to be directed to correct area. The explosion proof loudspeakers are designed precisely to guarantee consistent voice communication in a Hazardous environment.

The DNH DSP25EExmNT loudspeaker is corrosion proof, marine grade re-entrant horn flare was the first high impact anti-static polyester loudspeaker to be certified for hazardous areas by DNH. This is by far on of our biggest selling EEx certified loudspeaker sold thought Australia by Morrisons PA the particular loudspeaker has been sold to almost every industrial place that requires hazardous PA paging.
The DNH range of loudspeakers are certified according to ATEX and IEC standards. They also have developed special loudspeakers for different conditions such as the shock proof HS15ST and vandal proof SAFE-15T speakers, plus a loudspeakers constructed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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