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Mipro MA708 PA System
Thu, 1 Jun 2017
Mipro MA708 Portable Ideal for use where the voice of a presenter needs to be easily heard and...
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Turbosound M18B 2200 Watt
Thu, 1 Jun 2017
M18B TURBOSOUND 2200 watt powered 18" subwoofer for all applications. The onboard control...
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DNH Hazardous Loudspeaker
Thu, 1 Jun 2017
Hazardous Ex Marine and Industrial Loudspeakers For one of the very best Ex IEC certified...
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TOA Megaphones its quick the problem solver
Fri, 5 May 2017
Megaphones, pistol grip or shoulder strap Think of megaphone as the cheape quick fix...
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Controlling Sound with Absorption
Thu, 4 May 2017
Acoustic absorption panels, that are cost effective solution to lower noise levels reducing the...
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Explosion Proof DNH loudspeakers
Tue, 8 Nov 2016
Explosion Proof DNH Ex loudspeakers that are extensively used in the petroleum hazardous...
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Meet Devio: Biamp's conferencing solution for small spaces
Mon, 18 Jul 2016
Devio CR1T is a collaboration tool for modern workplaces that brings Biamp's full...
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MA708 PA Portable PA System
Mon, 25 Apr 2016
Mipro PA with Bluethooth The recently released Mipro MA708 (with BLUETOOTH) has a host...
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Audio-Technica System 10 wireless microphone
Sun, 17 Apr 2016
Audio-Technica has released two specialist installation transmitter options for the System 10...
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Sun, 10 Apr 2016
AUDAC ATU44 Line Transformers   The AUDAC ATU44 is a universal input adaptor which...
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Inter-M Quality Public Address
Tue, 22 Mar 2016
The  PMU-  Series from Inter-M are  6-Input  mixer  amplifiers ...
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