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Celebrants PA Systems

To get the best sound from your pa system you need more than just a good sound system. You need to spend time in learning how it works and how to get the best out of it. Starting with the microphone you should make sure you use good quality microphones (we recommend the Mipro or TOA hand held and headset microphone as one great option).  Good microphone technic should be applied, meaning that you work close to the mic and practising varies mic positions.

The Mipro, TOA and Chiayo portable pa systems volume and tone controls are simple to work. Basically you start off with the correct audio level (volume), not too loud and not too quiet and definitely no feedback is the target. The tone controls should be set in the centre; this is the starting point and can often be left in this position. Only adjust the tone controls if you have to, and adjust in small increments. Once again you need to practise listening for clear and clean sound.

The most popular PA systems for marriage celebrants are....click


Why you need a good Mipro, TOA Portable PA sound system:

People need to hear the spoken word with crystal clear intelligibility, or what’s the point. Think of the elderly or hearing impaired struggling to hear clearly, all your hard work getting people to come and listen to the service that you took ages to prepare, only to find that most struggled to hear the contents.

You most likely have asked if everyone can hear, and you get an instantly response with ‘Yes’. They would be all correct; however the question should be “can you all hear clearly?” Hearing unintelligent audio is like having socks in your ears, you definitely can hear but it’s not clear, Try this: put your hand over your mouth and speak to someone 3m away, ask them if they can hear. The answer is yes!!! Remove your hand and ask them the same question, the difference is like cheese and chalk, they can hear with intelligibility. We need to be more aware of how others receive information. You will find that people will stay longer and return more often if you get the audio right.

We also help you work out a realistic budget that can get you the best audio system befitting your requirements. Whether you are looking for a smaller PA system to held indoors or larger ones to address bigger outdoor audiences, Morrison’s Public Address has the makes and models of portable wireless audio equipment to suit your specific requirement and budget.